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Henna Tattoos & Hair

Henna Tattoos

Beautiful hand, foot, or body all-natural henna art that will last about two weeks. The Cambodian Cham people use henna to adorn and bless brides
$3 – $10

Hair Braiding

French Braids
Half Cornrows
Full Beaded Cornrows
$6 – $20

Hair Extensions

Natural Feathers
3 for $7
Synthetic Streaks
$1.5 each
Silk Tinsel
10 for $3

Any of our Extensions will last for weeks but can easily be removed any time without damaging your hair.

Hair Chalking

Temporarily colour your hair with a streak or a whole rainbow of colour! Colour will wash out after one or two washes:
$1.5 – $5
Add hair curling

Mix and Match our Funky Hair Designs to make your own fun style!