Banteay Srey Womens Spa

Expert Massage

We use Coco Khmer coconut oil for its deeply hydrating and anti-aging properites.

Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a deeply relaxing oil massage designed to improve range of movement, circulation and lymphatic function, relieve minor muscle pain, and promote an overall sense of well being.
1 hour     $15
1 1/2 hours     $19
start with 15 minutes of Dry Brushing

Aromatherapy Massage

We use a special blend of scented local herbs and roots in our oil to detoxify the body, soothe the skin, relieve inflammation and aching muscles, and luxuriously relax the senses
1 hour     $17
1 1/2 hours     $21
start with 15 minutes of Dry Brushing

Four-Hands Massage

Treat yourself to the ultimate massage experience! Our masseuses are specially trained in a tandem dance of synchronized massage movements that are guaranteed to leave you in complete bliss.
1 hour     $23
1 1/2 hours     $29
start with 15 minutes of Dry Brushing
add aromatherapy

Dry Brushing stimulates your lymphatic system for healthy immune function and body detoxification. Invigorating directional strokes with a sterile natural bristle brush will slim and tone your body and reduce cellulite.

Back Massage

A relaxing oil massage focused on everyone’s classic tension spots: your back, neck and shoulders
1/2 hour     $8
1 hour     $14
add aromatherapy

Foot Massage

Our foot massage will sooth tired aching feet, improve circulation and energize your whole body!
1/2 hour     $6

Hand Massage

Hands and wrists carry much stress and tension. Hand massage is deeply nurturing and relaxing to the whole body.
1/2 hour     $6

Face Massage

Relieve tension, improve skin tone and add a healthy glow to your face with this blissful massage.
1/2 hour     $6

Face, Hands & Feet

Enjoy a whole hour of luxurious massage fully clothed in one of our reclining chairs.
1 hour     $11