Banteay Srey Womens Spa

Body Scrubs & Khmer Steam

Traditional Khmer Body Scrub & Steam

Gentle turmeric and tamarind body scrub with nine-herb full body steam
1 hour $18

We can’t say enough about this Khmer Steam! The herbal steam detoxifies and strengthens the body, turmeric eases aches and pains and gives glowing skin, tamarind removes dead cells and clarifies skin tone.

Add our Banana Hair-Conditioning Mask

Our Banana Hair-Conditioning Mask is fresh blended with banana, coconut milk, egg, and honey, a unique natural combination leaving your hair healthy, soft, and smooth.

Body Scrubs

Experience an exquisite body scrub that is a massage, exfoliation and body masque in one.

Our Body Scrubs are prepared with the best natural local ingredients to purify and refresh, removing dull, dry skin so new hydrated skin can shine through!

Add our Banana Hair-Conditioning Mask

Papaya & Honey

papaya, honey, jasmine rice
deep cleanse and renew

Kaffir Lime & Yogurt

kaffir lime, homemade yogurt, jasmine rice
gently soften and clarify

Black Sesame & Coconut

black sesame, jasmine rice, coconut milk
deeply nourish and moisturize


Ratanakiri coffee, palm sugar and milk
reduce inflammation and cellulite

Kampot Pepper

Kampot pepper, jasmine rice
detoxify and recharge

Traditional Khmer

turmeric, tamarind, milk
tone and clarify